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Increasing Sales with Customer Loyalty

David Cook Hospitality

People have routines of everyday activities, and staying loyal to their favourite restaurants can be part of that. You can take that customer loyalty[…]

What to Consider When Buying a Point of Sale System

David Cook Epos, Hospitality

Maybe you've started a hospitality business and need a suitable point of sale system, or you're looking to invest in a new POS system to maximise your[…]

The Benefit of EPOS for Bars

David Cook Epos, Hospitality

If you're looking to improve your service, swiftly manage stock or open tabs on busy nights, you need a suitable a EPOS with those capabilities. Bars[…]

How Restaurants Can Stay Ahead of Their Competitors

David Cook General, Hospitality

A large number of restaurants are opening every day and potentially stealing your customers, especially when there's buzz around a launching venue.

How Can Hospitality Businesses Combine Digital and Physical Marketing?

David Cook Epos, Hospitality

Using both digital and physical marketing can help improve your current marketing methods and drive potential customers from different channels. This[…]

We Are Ready For Launch!

David Cook Epos

The long awaited SPARK launch is happening today! It has been an eventful start to 2019 but we are thrilled to bring you our Spark Smart EPOS, and show[…]

Tips To Help Your Restaurant Get 5 Star Reviews

David Cook Epos, Hospitality

It's no surprise that reviews play an essential part in the level of custom your restaurant receives. Especially with social media and the internet at[…]

Introducing SPARK - The Completely Integrated POS Solution

David Cook General

Let us introduce you to SPARK - the Smart EPoS system with features designed to make running your business easier and more efficient.

Why Should You Upgrade Your POS?

David Cook General

Point of Sale systems are at the heart of your business! They're the tools that let you accept payments, keep control of your stock, and allow you to […]

5 Benefits Of POS Stock Management

David Cook General

Stock control is a crucial part of business operation, no matter the size or what products are sold. The purpose is to ensure that appropriate amounts[…]

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