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Re-opening the Doors of Hospitality

Sean Mitchell Epos, General, Hospitality, covid-19, Reopen

Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided music to the ears of every hospitality business owner in the UK when he suggested that some parts of[…]

The New Normal of Hospitality

Sean Mitchell Epos, General, Hospitality, covid-19

After keenly tuning into Boris Johnson’s coronavirus national briefing on Sunday night there’s a date that is firmly pencilled into my diary, well[…]

Adjusting Your Website For The Covid-19 Crisis

Harvey M Epos, General, Hospitality, covid-19

As you can imagine we've had a lot customers asking us for advice on how to best manage their business while the lockdown on the hospitality industry[…]

How Restaurants Can Stay Ahead of Their Competitors

David Cook General, Hospitality

A large number of restaurants are opening every day and potentially stealing your customers, especially when there's buzz around a launching venue.

Mobile Food Business: Why They're Successful

Zulfa Begum General

Usually at events or festivals, there'll be range of catering trucks and pop-up food businesses ready to serve hungry customers. The options are[…]

Cryptocurrency: How It Benefits Hospitality Businesses

Zulfa Begum General

SPARK has been working to bring cryptocurrency to our system, and to the Hospitality Industry. We've announced that we'll be partnering with UKEX, a[…]

When the Future of Payments meets the Future of PoS

Zulfa Begum General

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency are the future of payments. With a steadily growing market and new users joining every day, it could replace fiat[…]

When Cryptocurrency Meets EPOS, it SPARKS

Zulfa Begum General

We understand that cryptocurrency can be a confusing concept to grasp for a beginner. Sometimes you leave more uncertain than when you first started[…]

Manage Your Reservations With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General

Customers are what keep your business running. These are the people that have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash at your venue. Therefore, having[…]

Painlessly Split Bills With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General

It's evident that workers within the hospitality industry dread splitting bills for large groups of people. It's time consuming, stressful and there's[…]

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