Best Practices For Your Restaurant

Zulfa Begum Epos, Hospitality

Restaurants have certain standards to meet and for employees to follow. Whether it's fine dining, a casual restaurant or a cafe, having a structured[…]

The Importance of Cash Management and Security with EPOS Systems

Zulfa Begum Epos

With so many new innovations in technology, especially with POS systems, data security can be overlooked when presented with an array of exciting[…]

Can Customised Receipts Help Promote Your Business?

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

Marketing is a crucial part of any business and a long process. Developing an effective campaign takes time in order to have the desired effect on your[…]

Mobile Food Business: Why They're Successful

Zulfa Begum General

Usually at events or festivals, there'll be range of catering trucks and pop-up food businesses ready to serve hungry customers. The options are[…]

Cryptocurrency: How It Benefits Hospitality Businesses

Zulfa Begum General

SPARK has been working to bring cryptocurrency to our system, and to the Hospitality Industry. We've announced that we'll be partnering with UKEX, a[…]

When the Future of Payments meets the Future of PoS

Zulfa Begum General

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency are the future of payments. With a steadily growing market and new users joining every day, it could replace fiat[…]

When Cryptocurrency Meets EPOS, it SPARKS

Zulfa Begum General

We understand that cryptocurrency can be a confusing concept to grasp for a beginner. Sometimes you leave more uncertain than when you first started[…]

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Software: What You Need To Know

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

In our previous blog-post, we went into detail about what Making Tax Digital is and how it affects you. Following on from that, we wanted to write[…]

Making Tax Digital: What Does It Mean and Will It Affect You?

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

You may have heard about Making Tax Digital (MTD) and know exactly what it is. Or perhaps you have limited knowledge on the matter and want to learn[…]

Customer Experience: Ways To Improve It

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

You want every single customer that visits your venue to leave happy - and preferably thinking about the next time they can visit. Even better if their[…]

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