Unlocking Potential: Utilising Technology to Improve Customer Service

In the fast-paced landscape of modern businesses, technology is not just a necessity; it's the heartbeat that keeps operations running smoothly. However, the real question is, are you harnessing this technology to its full potential? Many businesses have an array of tech solutions in place, yet the challenge lies in utilising these tools effectively. We've delved into the diverse ways you can optimise technology within your business to elevate customer service. From service robots enhancing interactions to self-ordering solutions reducing wait times, we've curated a guide to help you unlock the true potential of technology for an unparalleled customer experience.


Service Robots

Imagine a workforce where service robots seamlessly collaborate with human staff to enhance customer interactions. From guiding guests to their tables to delivering their food, service robots empower your staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Our range of service robots includes; 

  • MYLO X is a Smart Hospitality Service Robot, tailored to elevate your business needs. Embrace MYLO X, your reliable ally, delivering efficiency and excellence to fulfil all your business aspirations.
  • BellaBot is a Premium Delivery Robot with an innovative sleek design. With its expressive face and cat ears, Bella is a favourite of young customers.
  • KettyBot is a Greetings and Delivery Robot, with its impressive 18.5″ advertising screen, KettyBot grabs attention while effortlessly delivering dishes to your customers’ tables.
  • Meet PuduBot 2, the Universal Delivery Robot designed to cater to all your delivery needs. Whether you're in hospitality, healthcare, or retail, PuduBot 2 is the smart solution to revolutionise your delivery processes.
  • HolaBot is a Heavy-Duty Delivery Robot built to withstand the rigours of any hospitality setting. HolaBot is also waterproof and greaseproof, making it impervious to spills and splashes.

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Loyalty Programmes

Beyond the inherent quality of your products, instigating a loyalty programme offers customers a compelling reason to keep returning to your business. By providing incentives such as discounts, exclusive offers, or points towards future purchases, you create a reciprocal relationship that goes beyond the transactional nature of a single purchase.

This approach significantly improves customer service by fostering a sense of appreciation and value. Loyalty programmes allow customers to accumulate rewards and gifts from your business, enhancing their overall satisfaction. The personalised touch of acknowledging and rewarding customer loyalty contributes to a positive and lasting impression, building a stronger connection between your brand and its clientele.


Self-Ordering Solutions

Introduce a seamless self-ordering experience for your customers through either a dedicated Ordering App or a user-friendly Self-Service Kiosk. By providing these options, patrons can take control of their orders, reducing waiting times and enhancing the overall efficiency of your service.

Introducing a self-ordering solution significantly improves customer service by eliminating the need for staff to handle transactions at the till. With customers autonomously placing orders through an app or kiosk, your staff gains valuable time to focus on providing personalised and attentive service elsewhere. This not only reduces wait times but also allows your team to engage more meaningfully with customers, enhancing their overall experience.


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QR Code Feedback

In a world where feedback is paramount for growth, leveraging digital platforms, specifically through QR codes, streamlines the feedback process. Implementing QR codes for feedback allows customers to share their opinions effortlessly, creating a valuable channel for understanding their experiences.

The essence of this approach lies in understanding customer opinions through data-driven feedback. By collecting and analysing this data, businesses gain insights that enable targeted improvements. This not only demonstrates a commitment to addressing customer concerns but also ensures that your business evolves in line with customer preferences and expectations, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement.


Cleaning Robots

Enhance your venue's cleanliness effortlessly by introducing a cleaning robot. These autonomous machines navigate and clean various areas, freeing up staff time for more crucial tasks. The key advantage lies in their ability to operate autonomously, reducing the manual workload on your staff and ensuring a consistently pristine environment.

Discover the perfect cleaning robot for your venue in our blog, where we have outlined the key differences among our range. Gain insights into their unique features and find the ideal fit based on your specific needs.

👉 Robotic Cleaning Solutions: Choose The Right Robot for Your Venue



As we wrap up, remember, improving customer service through technology isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Different businesses have different needs. If you've got the tech in place, optimise it. Whether it's service robots or self-ordering solutions, find what suits your goals.

And for those yet to embrace these innovations, it's an invitation to explore. You don't need every solution, but why not utilise what you have? In a tech-driven world, staying ahead means making the most of the tools available. Whether you're enhancing an existing setup or considering new implementations, technology is the key to redefining your customer service game.

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