How Can Hospitality Businesses Combine Digital and Physical Marketing?

David Cook Epos, Hospitality

Using both digital and physical marketing can help improve your current marketing methods and drive potential customers from different channels. This leads to higher engagement with your target market both online and offline.

Once engaged, customers will be more inclined to return to your restaurant after the initial visit. They may even turn into an advocate of your business and convince others to visit.



hashtag-light-in-handHashtags are short and memorable brand identifiers and have become a popular business technique when marketing.

Using a snappy hashtag for local advertising is more likely to stick with customers and remind them of your brand, regardless of whether it's a paper promotion or post campaign.

This is because a well thought out hashtag can encourage your audience to get involved despite the promotional method.


Physical Codes for Digital Customers

For a lot of restaurants, regular giveaways are a surefire way of driving engagement and sales.

Use data capture, such as forms or other interactions online, and encourage customers to give their details in exchange for a discount that can be redeemed at your restaurant.

However, be sure you have proper permissions to collect this data - taking into account GDPR laws and informing people how their data will be processed. But otherwise, the information collected through the giveaway/promotion can be used time again for future marketing efforts.


Offline Promotions to Drive Online Marketing 

man-or-bartender-serving-cusgdftomer-at-coffee-shop-PCPS887To get the best results, offline and online marketing methods can be used together as an omni-channel campaign. This is to provide a seamless promotion and experience for the receiving customer - sending them a message that will appeal to them across different marketing channels.

Gather key information from your EPOS system and it to determine the most popular dishes or seasonal bestsellers.

You can then use this data to drive online marketing campaigns by offering vouchers and discounts to your customers and promote the products people want to buy.


Those are a few ways to use both digital and physical marketing to encourage more sales. Both work well together, or can bounce off the other to achieve your goals.

SPARK EPOS is a useful tool for gathering information. With our integrated CRM and reports you can use the data to properly market to you customers.

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