Streamline Your Bar's Success: 10-Must Have EPoS Features

Welcome to our guide on the 10 must-have EPoS features for bars. In the fast-paced environment of bars, having the right Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system can greatly enhance operations, customer experience, and profitability. Let's explore the essential features that every bar should consider when choosing their EPoS technology.


  1. Menu Customisation

In the bar industry, menu customisation is key. A robust EPoS system allows bars to easily tailor their menus to meet customer preferences. From adding or removing items to modifying categories, the ability to customise the menu ensures that your offerings are aligned with changing trends and customer demands.


  1. Ability to Split the Bill

Simplifying the bill-splitting process is crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction. A reliable EPoS system should offer seamless bill-splitting capabilities. Whether it's itemised splitting, percentage-based splitting, or splitting equally among groups, the ability to split the bill effortlessly ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for your patrons.


20.06.23 10 EPoS Features - Bill Splitting

  1. Easy Menu Management

Bars often have special offers, happy hours, or weekly specials. With an EPoS system that offers easy menu management, you can effortlessly adjust your menu for specific timeframes or promotions. This flexibility enables you to attract customers with enticing offers and keep your menu updated with the latest promotions.


  1. Built-In CRM

Building customer relationships and targeted marketing are essential for bars. Look for an EPoS system with a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. This feature allows you to collect and manage customer data, track their preferences, and create targeted promotions or loyalty programs to enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.


  1. Reports and Analytics

To make informed decisions, bars need access to detailed reports and analytics. A comprehensive EPoS system should provide insights into drink sales, popular items, slow-moving inventory, and other key metrics. By leveraging reports and analytics, you can identify sales trends, optimise your menu offerings, and maximise profitability.


  1. Mobile Hardware

In today's digital age, offering mobile convenience is a significant advantage for bars. Look for an EPoS system that supports mobile ordering, allowing customers to order and pay directly from a mobile device. This feature reduces waiting times, improves table turnover, and enhances the overall customer experience.


  1. User Permissions

With numerous staff members working in bars, ensuring proper user permissions is crucial for data security and operational efficiency. Choose an EPoS system that offers granular user permission settings. This feature allows you to assign specific roles and access levels, safeguarding sensitive information and streamlining staff workflows.


  1. Cash Flow Management

Efficient cash flow management is essential for bars to reduce theft and maintain accurate financial records. Look for an EPoS system that offers features such as cash tracking, cash drawer management, and end-of-day reconciliation. These tools help you maintain a secure and transparent cash flow, promoting financial integrity.


  1. Stock Management

Keeping track of alcohol inventory is vital to prevent shortages and optimise purchasing. Look for an EPoS system that provides robust stock management features. These may include automated stock alerts, barcode scanning, and integration with suppliers. By efficiently managing your stock, you can minimise wastage, ensure availability, and streamline inventory processes.


20.06.23 10 EPoS Features - Stock Management


  1. Easy-to-Use System

In a bustling bar environment, staff need a quick and user-friendly EPoS system to handle orders efficiently. Look for an EPoS system with an intuitive interface, customisable layouts, and shortcut options. This ease of use empowers your staff to provide swift and accurate service even during peak hours, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.


By incorporating these 10 must-have EPoS features into your bar operations, you can optimise efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost profitability. When selecting an EPoS system, consider your specific requirements and choose a solution that aligns with your business goals. Embrace the power of technology to stay ahead in the competitive bar industry and create unforgettable experiences for your customers.


With a SPARK EPoS system, you can have all these must-have features and more. Experience the power of streamlined operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased profitability. Click the button below to book a demo with a member of our team and discover how SPARK can transform your bar management today.


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