How hospitality businesses can build their customer base

Building the amount of customers coming to a store is the key to reopening hospitality businesses. There are many ways of effectively collecting and utilising customer data to provide the best service every time.

As a hospitality business, there are many ways in which a venue can get customer data while offering great deals and services. Increasing data entry points and storing profiles on a CRM is the best way to actively build a customer base.

Customer service

A great way to improve customer satisfaction and encourage customers to become brand advocates is to make sure staff are always positive and happy whilst delivering a personalised service.  A good EPoS system can make all the difference for both staff and customers, when placing orders and taking payments is easy and as convenient as possible. Brand advocates are more likely to share their favourite business through word of mouth with friends and family, this is one of the most effective ways of bringing in more customers.

Keeping existing constantly returning customers can also drastically increase the profits being made. Loyal customers on average spend 67% more money than new ones as well as being cheaper to keep, bringing in new people to spend at a hospitality business can cost up to 7 times more.

Customer reviews

94% of customers read reviews before making any decisions before making purchases, the same stands for hospitality businesses. By making sure there are multiple ways of leaving reviews, people visiting your hospitality venue can easily show their opinion on every aspect of a business. So, when building a  customer base for your hospitality business, reviews can boost your customer base very efficiently.

Reviews Customer base reviews

Loyalty programmes

Hospitality businesses have the opportunity to offer great deals to their customers every time they order.  A great EPoS system can easily provide many options for customers. Suitable for any hospitality venue, providing vouchers and discounts Is a great way of building customer satisfaction. Offering a system in which customers can build up vouchers to redeem for goods is a great way of enticing more customers to visit hospitality venues. Promotions can influence customers in many ways. Promotions influence around 28% more consumers to spend more and up to 25% are likely to make a purchase they wouldn’t have previously considered.

Keep customers up to date.

With so much changing all the time, making sure customers are kept up to date is vital to keep bringing customers back. By having a system that has customer information stored in it, sending out emails to specific groups and segmenting an audience is simple.  By targeting in this way, hospitality venues can better reach those it will impact most.

Happy Staff Customer base

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Convenience- wifi receipts QR codes

When arriving at a hospitality venue, customers know what they want and expect. No one enjoys long waits and having every transaction take a large amount of time.

Every step of the journey for customers can be optimised, to make sure they have the highest quality of service every time.

Writing down a wifi code every time is an inconvenience. Staff have much better things to do than to handwrite the password every time a customer asks for it. A great EPoS can automatically print QR codes that customers can use to get access to the wifi. These could also be printed on receipts for customers to view.

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Mobile order

QR code Scanning

With everything that has happened recently, the demand for online apps for delivery and takeaway has increased. By offering a mobile app or website for customers' there is another way of offering services in exchange for customers profiles. These profiles can be loaded with as much information as needed to provide them with the best service every time.

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Terminal Extra piece

SPARK’s products are built with everything in mind, every data point that  customers can enter information at is automatically saved in the back office CRM.  Building up and expanding a customer base is simple and growing with your hospitality business.  

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