Introducing PUDU Robotics to the UK Market!

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear: NEW APEX LTD t/a SPARK EPoS is the new strategic partner and primary distributor for Pudu Robotics in the UK. Pudu Robotics is an international high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, R&D, production, and sales of commercial service robots. SPARK EPoS is introducing 4 purpose-built robots to the UK market, designed for hospitality. Some of the features include the ability to deliver food and drinks straight to the table, provide a contactless service between staff and customers, and offer a new way for hospitality venues to streamline their operation whilst serving customers.


SPARK EPoS has partnered up with Pudu Robotics because we believe that getting hospitality back on its feet and growing again is extremely important. We also believe that by integrating autonomous waiting robots into our product solution, we can safely get hospitality back to where it was prior to the pandemic and further.


These new autonomous additions to hospitality businesses can make it easier to maintain higher sanitisation standards, safeguarding both staff and customers.


All bots have these key features.

  • Inbuilt collision avoidance with SLAM Laser Technology

  • Long battery life, auto charge docks for selected models, and easily replaceable batteries

  • Auto level suspension ensuring a safe and reliable delivery

  • Supports cloud functionality for remote management


The hospitality robots will be most effective in large venues and venues with a lot of open space. This includes restaurants, cafes, bars, stadiums, and other dining experiences. The cleaning robot we offer can sanitise large areas effectively, allowing for it to be more widely utilised in places such as hospitals, cinemas, government buildings, theatres, and more.

Bots not only assist on the customer side, they can also help out the staff in various back of house tasks. Retail companies can use Bella to deliver stock from the back of a building to the staff working at the front while reducing overall foot traffic. Staff can benefit greatly from the inclusion of robots in any venue.

Currently, in the UK, many people are struggling to reopen and bounce back after the pandemic. The main issues these companies are facing are a lack of staff and keeping customers safe. Hospitality Bots can sort out both of these areas, making them extremely useful tools for rebuilding after the pandemic. Statistics show that fewer young people see hospitality as a long-term career. So moving forward there is a high chance that getting more young staff may be increasingly difficult. All the bots come with contactless technology too, allowing for a safe service every time.


These bots also provide greater access to owners and companies that hire disabled people within hospitality venues. These robots can act as an owner's arms and legs to continually provide great service to customers. Allowing more people to be able to run their business without interruption.

  • BellaBot

With a cute and fun design, BellaBot fits perfectly into any venue. Bella has a smart lighting system that works in tandem with its trays to indicate to customers which tray is theirs.



  • KettyBot

KettyBot has carrying capabilities to deliver to customers. However, Ketty's main feature is the large front screen that can be used to advertise all-new menus or even local services. Ketty can also escort people from the front of a venue to their table.


  • HolaBot

  • HolaBot is a heavy-duty transporting robot. Its main function is to assist in carrying heavy loads from tables to the kitchen. By taking all of the heavy loads, it helps reduce injuries to staff members, while giving staff more free time to spend with customers. It will transport itself to a dishwasher area and can send notifications to staff to alert them to its presence.

  • Puductor

The Puductor is a disinfection robot that emits a dry mist as it travels to kill up to 99.9% of germs. Alongside this function, it contains multiple UV lights to make sure it reaches everywhere. This makes it perfect for large venues where many people gather. Puductor is great for keeping people at ease coming out of the pandemic.


Smart hospitality robots will be available in the UK starting from the 16th of September and will be able to be purchased from the 28th of September, For more information on smart hospitality robots, visit Robotics%20%26%238211%3B%20SPARK%20EPoS