Introducing SP50: Unparalleled Spotless Cleaning

SPARK has been delivering service robots to hospitality venues across the UK since September 2021. However, with our recent expansion into the world of Cleaning Robots, our robot family continues to grow. The latest addition to our lineup of cleaning robots is the SP50, a Spot-Cleaning Robot. This innovative automated cleaning technology is poised to revolutionise the cleaning industry, offering enhanced efficiency and superior cleaning results.


Why Choose a Cleaning Robot?

The United Kingdom has witnessed a burgeoning interest in robotics across various industries, and now this wave has reached the cleaning sector, thanks to innovative cleaning robots like the SP50. The rising demand for more efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions has paved the way for robotic technologies that can perform cleaning tasks with unmatched precision and speed. This shift towards automation is expected to bolster cleaning efficiency, trim labour costs, and elevate cleaning quality, making it an enticing choice for businesses aiming to streamline their operations.


Who is SP50?

Allow us to introduce SP50, a ground-breaking spot-cleaning robot that's redefining the standards for effectiveness and efficiency in today's market. With the remarkable ability to detect over 30 different types of waste and debris with an astonishing 99% accuracy, SP50 represents the future of intelligent cleaning technology. Discover unparalleled cleaning performance with SP50.


Introducing SP50


What can SP50 do for my business?

Introducing a cleaning robot into your business or venue can yield a multitude of advantages for both your enterprise and staff members. Robotic cleaning automation offers several substantial benefits, including:

Enhanced Efficiency: Cleaning robots operate tirelessly, providing around-the-clock cleaning and heightened productivity, resulting in superior cleaning outcomes in less time.

Improved Precision: Robotics perform repetitive cleaning tasks with extraordinary precision, ensuring uniform and dependable results while reducing the potential for human error.

Cost Savings: Despite the initial investment, automation leads to long-term cost savings by reducing labour expenses and minimising cleaning errors, delivering a higher return on investment over time.

Enhanced Safety: Robotic cleaning machines can tackle challenging and hazardous areas, thereby decreasing the risks associated with manual cleaning tasks and promoting workplace safety, ultimately reducing the chances of accidents and injuries.

Sustainable Cleaning: Robotic cleaners can be programmed to optimise water and chemical usage, curbing their environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly cleaning practices, making them an ideal choice for businesses committed to sustainability.


What are the features of SP50?

SP50, the spot-cleaning robot, comes equipped with state-of-the-art features that render it an efficient and dependable cleaning solution for businesses. These features encompass:

Intelligent Auto-Spot Cleaning: The SP50's intelligent auto-spot cleaning feature takes cleaning precision to the next level. Using advanced algorithms, it efficiently targets and eliminates dirt and debris with surgical precision, guaranteeing that every spot, no matter how small or hidden, is left immaculate.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance: With cutting-edge 3D LiDAR technology, the SP50 navigates your space with unparalleled precision and accuracy, seamlessly adapting to its surroundings for uninterrupted cleaning. The SP50 autonomously resumes cleaning from its last known location, guaranteeing efficient task completion without interruptions.

Auto-Charging: SP50's battery automatically returns to its charging dock when it runs low, ensuring it's always ready to clean when you need it. This feature eliminates the need for manual charging and ensures uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Advanced Waste Detection: SP50 showcases an extraordinary capability, boasting the ability to identify and categorise over 30 diverse types of waste and debris. SP50 not only identifies common dirt and debris but also discerns more specific forms of waste, such as spills, and crumbs.



SP50 represents a revolutionary robotic cleaning technology that harnesses artificial intelligence and automation to elevate cleaning efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. By incorporating the SP50 for robotic cleaning, businesses can enjoy heightened efficiency, reduced labour costs, and superior cleaning quality. With the potential for future advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, the future of robotic cleaning with SP50 looks exceptionally promising.


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