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When the Future of Payments meets the Future of PoS

Zulfa Begum General

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency are the future of payments. With a steadily growing market and new users joining every day, it could replace fiat[…]

When Cryptocurrency Meets EPOS, it SPARKS

Zulfa Begum General

We understand that cryptocurrency can be a confusing concept to grasp for a beginner. Sometimes you leave more uncertain than when you first started[…]

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Software: What You Need To Know

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

In our previous blog-post, we went into detail about what Making Tax Digital is and how it affects you. Following on from that, we wanted to write[…]

Making Tax Digital: What Does It Mean and Will It Affect You?

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

You may have heard about Making Tax Digital (MTD) and know exactly what it is. Or perhaps you have limited knowledge on the matter and want to learn[…]

Customer Experience: Ways To Improve It

Zulfa Begum Hospitality

You want every single customer that visits your venue to leave happy - and preferably thinking about the next time they can visit. Even better if their[…]

Manage Your Reservations With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General

Customers are what keep your business running. These are the people that have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash at your venue. Therefore, having[…]

Painlessly Split Bills With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General

It's evident that workers within the hospitality industry dread splitting bills for large groups of people. It's time consuming, stressful and there's[…]

How SPARK'S QR Scanner Can Benefit Your Venue

Zulfa Begum General

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency by finding more convenient methods to increase service without hindering the quality of[…]

How Your Digital Presence Can Increase Sales

Zulfa Begum Epos, Hospitality

In this day and age, Social Media Marketing is a must for business owners in any industry. Traditional methods can be used and are effective to some[…]

How Spark Reports and Back Office Can Help Your Business

Zulfa Begum Epos

Monitoring how your venue is performing, and taking the necessary steps to continue your growth is a part of any business. SPARK EPOS Back Office[…]

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